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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

About us

Agricomseeds is a plant genetics research and development company, focused since 1995 on creating new corn and sorghum plants adapted to heat, drought and high evapotranspiration rates with disruptive techniques. Today we have corn and sorghum suitable for future climate change scenarios.

Agricomseeds is a company whose main input is knowledge, works with shared leadership and based on principles, financially self-sustaining, with a flat organization and global projection. We license our genetics or export them as seeds to more than 17 countries.

Our products are:

Hard endosperm corn with yield events such as:

  • LeadGrain® which doubles the number of rows in the ear.
  • GrainExpander® which increases grain size up to 40%.
  • Leptol® F with foliar expression that gives tolerance to Dalbulus maidis.
  • Leptol® G with grain expression that gives tolerance to mycotoxins.

Low tannin SORGO for different applications such as:

  • Biomass producing large volumes of green matter for silage.
  • Regenerative for high grain yields and 2 crops.
  • Conventional for single crop grains.
  • For gluten-free bread flour.
  • Silage boxes with regrowth capacity, 2 cuts and high NDT.
  • Hedges to restructure, decompact the soil and recycle nutrients.
  • Cattle grazing.
Mission and Vision

We create new plant genetics, focused on transforming the agricultural challenges of the future and the socioeconomic development of global agriculture.


The most impressive and straightforward plant genetics company, based on superior management and high-trust culture.


As a work team we value:

  • Humility
  • Knowledge
  • Positive Attitude
Quality Policies
Comply with the requirements of our Quality Management System and current legislation.
Continuously improve our products, services and processes.
To develop, produce and market quality seeds that exceed farmers' requirements and expectations.
To control and ensure the quality of our seed in compliance with international standards.
Strengthen the competencies and quality of life of our personnel.